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The Vote is Coming in March 2024!

Check back in March 2024 to learn what proposals are on the ballot for the next six REPAIR Zones and how to cast your vote. You will be able to vote online at any time or in person at a voting event hosted by the City, Advisory Committee, or Community Engagement Partner.

To be eligible to vote, you must be 15+ years old and live, work, study, or be the guardian of a student in the REPAIR Zone. You will be asked on your ballot to write the name, address or intersection of either your residence, job, or school located in the REPAIR Zone to confirm your eligibility, and to attest that you will only vote once. If there is any suspicion of fraud or multiple ballots by one person, the City reserves the right to remove those ballots from consideration.

Check out the proposals from the last Vote by clicking the REPAIR Zones below: